How to get over Monday morning blues?

We are all familiar with the classic case of 'Monday Morning Blues' ("MMB"). All of us, at some point in our life, have experienced and lived through Sunday evenings in anticipation of the much dreaded MMBs. In fact, I can tell you this from my experience that it's hardly a pleasant experience and the more you think about it, the worse it becomes.

A surprise visitor can definitely cheer you up! :D

A surprise visitor can definitely cheer you up! :D

Whilst one can think at leisure about the larger solution (and whether MMBs are symptomatic of a more grave underlying situation, such as "being in the wrong place/job/profession"), to start with, here is what I would recommend to beat the MMBs:

1.  Morning routine: This works not just for Mondays but for every other day! Wake up early and ease yourself into the work week. Give yourself time to do small but simple acts which will help you think straight. Try to establish a 'morning routine' - something which puts you at ease and sorts your mind (because after all, that's what this is all about!) - it needn't be too fancy. Waking up to the simple act of making your bed, followed by a cup of your favourite morning drink, whether it's chai, coffee or warm lemon water, whatever works for you, giving yourself time to think about what you want to wear or going out for a walk/jog (more about this in point 2 below).

2. Get a dose of nature: You must be thinking that I'm crazy. By first asking you to wake up early (as opposed to continuing with the feel of the weekend for just those extra few minutes, which can extend to an hour, I know!) and establish a morning routine (seriously?) and then to go out for a walk and drain yourself of the last iota of energy you anyways were preserving for work related challengs (since you're anyways feeling drained out and exhausted - yes, already and it's only the beginning of Monday, yet!). But no, I am not kidding. Waking up early, going outside to get a dose of nature (and hopefully some fresh air, whatever you can get) can have a tremendous impact on how you start your day. It makes all the difference when you see everyone around you getting into activity, at a pace that is organic (and not crazy, where you wake up, get dressed in a hurry, grab something to eat and eat it on your way to work!). Also, nature has such a wonderful impact on our mind. It's how we are made. A part of the universe. Also, there is something about the act of walking/jogging/running (whatever suits your pace) which helps you clear your head!

3. Be productive on Friday: YES. You must be thinking that most of these things are counter-intuitive. Isn't one supposed to feel relaxed on Friday since the weekend is almost there? Well, strange as it may seem, feeling like the weekend is already there on Friday leaves you worse off on a Monday morning. You tend to push some important and difficult tasks to Monday (yes, haven't we all done that?).

4. Be productive on Monday morning, too: If you have some important things that need to be done on Monday, try attacking them first. Being productive is like a chain reaction, The more efficient and productive you are, not only will you be able to get more work done, you will also feel happy and 'over the MMBs'!

4a. A surprise visitor (like Leela, during our Corporate Headshot session) can definitely cheer you up!

5. Disengage from your smartphone: Living in a virtual world (and isn't that true for many many waking moments which we live with our smartphone!) has a negative impact on your overall well being and state of mind. You are real. Do real things in the physical world and get outside the virtual reality that we live in. Don't check your phone first thing on Monday morning. Give yourself fixed times for checking social media, emails, etc.

6. Listen to some music: Most of us connect with music and find it inspiring. Listen to some music as part of your morning routine, or when you're out for a walk, or on your way to work. It uplifts you and makes you feel good.

7. Do all things with love: From dreading Monday Mornings to reaching a point where I can jump out of bed at 7 am (that's not too early) and be charged up about work has taken me a long journey of 8 years, involving a change of profession. However, I'm glad I'm here and it's always got to do with the journey in any case. Work is like worship now (touch wood) and I couldn't feel more grateful. If you don't like something about where you are or what you are doing, take small steps and change it. If you're feeling stuck somewhere - ask yourself - 'Am I a tree?' This is really your life and you need to take charge of it. Do all things with love. This one life, it's so precious! Inspire yourself, this Monday morning!

I hope some of this will help you get over your MMBs or atleast deal with them :)

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week! <3