Questions. No answers.

Just when you feel you've figured it out and reached a positive state of equilibrium, or perhaps the ability to deal with what you think may be coming your way, Life reminds you that it's not all that simple. You feel great in the morning, so much so, that you feel that your decision to go for a walk convinced the sun to come out, and then, you hear about something which makes your heart sink. Bottom line is - you can never be prepared for Life. Or, try to protect yourself from getting hurt or upset. The only way to achieve the latter would be to stop being vulnerable, to stop feeling for those you love or miss. Is this state of non- attachment or equanimity (in sadness and happiness) what we are really trying to achieve?

The 'Bombay Theme song' is playing on loop. It's peaceful and yet, sad. I started listening to it again after almost a decade and it feels as if the piece has become deeper and more profound now. I guess it engages with my mind in a different way now. Or perhaps, the mind has been exposed to a different range of sentiments over the last decade. I wonder if this piece is an expression of something A.R. Rahman experienced - it's too beautiful, pure and deep to not have any linkage to something real he experienced. The point is not anything at all.

The photograph posted below was taken at the Alfama Square in Lisbon. Lisbon had a strange beauty to it. Almost melancholic. Just like this tune which plays on and lingers in my mind even after it has stopped playing. A common sight in Lisbon was that of the older women "people-watching" from their balconies. I wonder if it's so entertaining or it's for lack of something better to do. If they knew I was writing about them, they may wonder the same thing about me. So, why judge? The point I am trying to make (or not make) is that when you feel you've turned a bit wiser or have become less sentimental, you suddenly begin to re-think it all and wonder whether you got it right at all.  

Old lady in Alfama, Lisbon

Old lady in Alfama, Lisbon

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