Mann-ki-dala translates to 'a branch of my mind' and hence, an extension of the self.  'Mann' and 'Dala' when used conjunctively, i.e. 'Mandala', in Sanskrit means a 'circle' or a 'container of energy, essence or spirit'. Traditionally 'Mandalas' have been used as a tool for alchemy as well as for meditation, and to bring forth feelings and visions from the space within, to the world outside (Julie-Elleni Laine, Mandala).

I will be posting regularly on 'Mann-ki-dala' to keep you updated about my ongoing photography work, my personal projects, ideas and inspiration, and, to maintain an energy field, that provides

(i) my readers/viewers with a view of my photographic works, journeys and ideas (from 'inside-out'); and

(ii) me with your views on the same (from the 'outside-in').

I would be delighted to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to drop a 'Seed of Thought' at Mann-ki-Dala.