2015 to 2016

An experiment. Meeting the unknown. A blank sheet of paper. Like always, it always makes me discover something within myself.

My tools - a set of plastic rings I picked up from the streets of Chandni Chowk, a few coloured pens and a few hours of my time. It took me a few sheets of one-sided paper before I could meet the lines. Lose myself in the pattern, in the very act of drawing. I had several things on my 'To-do' list. This exercise was exactly what I needed to quieten the mind, to make it focus on the 'Now'.

I started off with this simple pattern. It reminded me of the beginning. Life as an atom. There was space all around, to grow, to expand. So much potential.

Then there were other colours and forms. Very much like how every moment brings different situations and how we meet them with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. The process of meditation often involves the simple act of being mindful and aware of what the mind is thinking about. Letting it be. Not trying to control it in any way. Slowly, as we begin to breathe in and out, and relax with every breath, we are able to focus on the very act of breathing and the mind quietens.

Life, and every year is like that too. It keeps repeating itself in patterns. We come across happy, sad, difficult and easy situations. This year, I wish you all not just a happy 2016, but the ability to accept and take in your stride everything that 2016 brings for you.

Life can get pretty overwhelming. Living it from moment to moment is perhaps one of the most valuable skills we can develop if we want to survive it all. Pretty much like a marathon (couldn't help sneaking in this reference, since Murakami has me glued to his 'What I talk about, when I talk about running'! Cannot help but deviate a bit on how he has revived my interest in reading. Reading as a habit, before going to sleep. I'm really enjoying it. In fact, I don't want the book to be over since I enjoy the very act of reading and having the dialogue with the author.)

It finally feels like I'm home. At peace with myself. Thank you 2015. Looking forward to 2016. Making mistakes, learning from them, always believing and being grateful - keeping alive the love, desire to explore, create and give.

Lastly, keep in mind the larger picture :) May the force be with you in 2016. Do all things with faith, love and peace in your being. Take your chances.