Wedding Stories - before and after the famous "I do"

It's been sometime since I posted on a Wednesday. Hence, why not make it a 'Wedding Wednesday'? :) Share some love - your wedding stories - of wedding-time madness (before, during and after the wedding), love, affection, the 1000's of decor related pins you saved on Pinterest - it could be about anything that you remember or want to remember. You'll have a good time - trust me.

For starters (and by that, I'm hinting that the main meaty course must be provided by all of you!), I'll tell you about how my friend designed her 'Wedding Card'! Yes, isn't that always a crucial aspect of the wedding planning? The manner in which you communicate to the world about this milestone event in your life - you want it to be reflective of not just who you are but also how important this is for you! And, you want it to be unique. In my friend's case, the card was one of it's kind. It had actually been hand-painted by a very dear uncle, a reputed and busy doctor living in Bengaluru, who took the time out to paint a beautiful card for his niece. Being a Tamilian Brahmin, the grinding stone plays an important role in the wedding ceremonies and is also representative of the marriage having a strong and firm foundation. I photographed the wedding and one of my favourite photographs turned out to be so similar to the card!! I'm posting it here for all of you to see. More images from this wedding can be viewed at

And now, that you've got me going - I can think of so many endearing stories. Stories which we need to share because there are enough horror stories to wake up to and in the news! Why not share some stories of endearment, which make you go back to a very special day/time in your life! Spread that bit of positive energy!

If you need some examples - here you go: A soul connection that got established over blog writing over a decade ago OR a friend who is convinced that her homemade sandwiches (made so lovingly by her father) was what got her fiance to start talking with her OR how the utterly butterly SWAG-factor was completely hidden from view by a Pavvam FB profile photo (and yours truly did some convincing about how cool the prospective candidate actually was!!) AND finally, the last straw (if you're a lawyer, you'll be laughing out loud) you met in a DD Room (enough said)! Sounds like a TerriblyTinyTale?!

I hope that recounting your precious memories will add that extra push that you need to reach the weekend! Happy Reminiscing! :D