Share the love! It's a new year! :)

Towards the end of December 2015, I received a message from Sakshi - "Hello - wanna share something <3 <3 <3 " and what followed were these screenshots from the Babychakra Android app which contained the photos from our photo session in November last year. Sakshi and her son had won the Face of Babychakra contest and I had been commissioned to do the photo session.

It's such a delightful moment when you see your photographs go live! In fact, you experience a similar feeling of exhilaration when you see your photographs being printed in large sizes for an exhibition. They assume a life of their own, as if their souls have found a body and they are finally at peace. 

I must mention here that this shoot was a special one. I'd heard so much about Sayansh - the winner of the Face of Babychakra contest. He had recently returned from a Dabur shoot with Konkana Sen. I thought he would have a certain air around him (I'm kidding!). What made this special was that even though we were doing shots as per the brief handed out by the client, I had complete creative freedom and could even decide the location for my shots. A special thank you to my dearest friend Ruchi Chopra, who like an angel got me permission to do the shoot at Mogly's, a wonderful playschool based in Gurgaon, which focuses on holistic learning for children through prayer, yoga, games and other learning based activities. The teachers there were a gem!

Seeing these screenshots reminded me of the fun day we had at the shoot and I wanted to share these photos from the shoot, along with some fun titles I added yesterday. Not just that, share with you all the fun, the bond between Sakshi and Sayansh (yes, that's why this shoot was more special!) This time, Sayansh was being photographed with his own mother and you can sense that in the photos :) From taking selfies, doing maths (yes, believe it or not!) to playing games and finally getting some rest - we did it all! A big cheer for Sayansh and Sakshi!

Share the love, give your loved ones a hug, live those moments and yes, book a session today to preserve those precious memories! Hurry - Make a booking in the first fortnight of the new year and avail our special packages!

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