In the city of Nizams, Pearls and Kebabs :)

Last week I was in the city of Nizams, Pearls and Kebabs. I was there on assignment and met this wonderful family of 3. From my interactions with Kamala regarding the Family Portrait session (in the virtual space, of course), not only could I could sense her excitement and enthusiasm for the session which we had been planning since the end of October but could also sense how warm and friendly she was. Aided by descriptions about her husband and her son Vicky, I set out to begin the Family Portrait session. Thankfully, I had done a recce two days in advance and sought prior permission for photographing in the park (for the first session of the shoot), which is otherwise not permitted. The whole process of obtaining permission actually took me to the older part of the city, which I quite enjoyed :)

As you can see from the photos, when I started, Vicky was feeling (ahem!) a bit shy!!  

I decided to play along. After all, every child needs some time to warm up and get into their act! :) The patience paid off - here is Vicky, being his usual playful and cheerful self! We were rewarded with some lovely family photos and a great time in the park!