Wake up and smell the flowers!

Everyone has a different sight they like to wake up to. For me, it's this. These gorgeous harsingars falling gently on the ground. In fact, I love collecting them to keep at my desk (in a simple handmade clay pot which, I made in Andretta :)) so that I can experience their delicate and beautiful fragrance as I work on my photographs. Work feels like worship and, I'm grateful to finally reach this stage in my life.   

Harsingars - making my mornings!

It wasn't always like this. I remember days when waking up in the morning was a struggle. Not for the body, more for the mind. When we constantly keep working within closed office spaces and rarely give our eyes and mind any breathing space, the mind collapses in a way and our vision becomes smaller. This lack of head space is often used as an excuse for being cranky or stressed at work. How can we change this?

Every day and every moment in our life, we have a choice. A choice to be as gentle and kind as these beautiful flowers. Nature is a wonderful teacher. She never hurries - yet, accomplishes everything. A seed doesn't grow into a plant overnight. Similarly, our growth takes time and any shortcuts wont really help us grow in the real sense. When the time comes, we all need to realize that detachment is essential - especially the current trend of being so attached to 'things'. Nothing is real except this present moment. The rest is all in the mind, the past and even the future.

The human mind is the most fascinating piece of creation. A work of art! Our responses to most situations are based on the various layers of conditioning that we have received throughout our life. Our influences at home, school and work add to our personality in very subtle ways. Who we spend time with, what we read and do - all of it determines who we are and how we will respond to/react in a given circumstance. I read somewhere that the mind needs its dose of inspiration every day. In fact, many people like to ensure that their mornings are not rushed up and they have a morning routine - whether it involves yoga, a cup of coffee, some pleasant music, a morning walk (or all of the above). Yet, many of us (and I've been guilty of this) simply wake up, grab our breakfast and rush to work. We may read the news on our way to work or make a few calls (like speak to our parents if they are living in a different city). On the point of news, I've never been one to devour the newspaper in the mornings (or even as the day passes by)! Major sections of the newspaper are often devoted to either politics, crime, pollution or even advertisements. Whenever I pick up the papers, I am appalled to see that the much coveted front page is covered by a full-page advertisement. To make things worse, what follows is a dismal portrayal of the news around the world. Why is it that positive and inspiring stories rarely find coverage? Why do we have to resort to 'alternate sites' like TED or other inspirational sites on the world wide web to feed ourselves with some inspiration in the morning?

Do think about this. How can you give yourself that time and head space in the morning, to ensure that you have a goodday? Think about a morning ritual - something that enlivens your state of mind. Morning light and energy is beautiful (I know, coming from me, it sounds strange since I have always been a nocturnal creature). Enjoy the moment. 

SMELL THE FLOWERS. Have a great weekend!