Standing Still - Reminiscences of an earlier self

'Standing Still' is a series of images taken during my year-long sojourn in the Nilgiris using a make-shift 'pinhole camera' (and, in some cases, simply the long exposure technique). While I have tried to portray the timeless beauty of the Nilgiris, these images are also a conduit for me to explore my relationship with an older version of the self, being reminiscent of a simpler phase in my life, where I could just ‘be’.

The subjects in these photographs (be it elephants in the wild in their beautiful natural state of being, star trails or bubbling brooks) are representative of memorable experiences whilst on this journey of self-exploration. Further, the simple act of standing still to capture the passage of time and movement in these still images was meditative, leading to a greater sense of wellness and ability to experience the moment.

Recollecting that phase in my life through these photographs, my memories may be imprecise, yet the lapse of time (both in these photographs as well as in my life) has helped me capture and reproduce more details, to give me a better sense of space and time, to evoke a memory of the self, that one aspires to return to.

I have used certain techniques to represent the ageing of these photographs, as if, I was discovering them in a ‘changed’ state. This not only denotes passage of time, but also a change/wearing away of my ‘inner’ self.