Mondays are for Muse(s) and Inspiration!

Monday mornings are much dreaded and, such is the power of this phenomena that one enters into the Monday morning blues on Sunday evening itself. As I think more about it, given that Monday marks the beginning of a new week, why not let the dreaded Monday Mornings be replaced by 'Mondays for Muses and Inspiration?' That's what this post is about and who better than the master impressionist, Claude Monet, to begin the 'Monday Muses and Inspiration' series?

I've loved Monet's work for a long time. This summer, I was fortunate to not only view his beautiful art pieces on display in some of the best museums in Paris but also got to meet Monet, the man himself. Yes, you heard me right! Guided and accompanied by my most able sister and my brother-in law, we reached Giverny, where Monet's house and the water lilies are located. Due to some intelligent navigation, we could reach before it got too crowded (we took the morning train from Paris and then a taxi to get to Giverny).

To say that the gardens and his house were amazing would be an understatement. You could almost feel Monet's presence in that place. We saw his study (where he had painted several masterpieces) as well as took a tour of the beautifully decorated house with yellow and blue themed rooms. He had displayed several beautiful paintings by other artists as well, in his study, several of them being Japanese woodblock prints. When we got to the water lilies, I could understand why Monet spent such a large part of his life painting them. I moved around the huge pond to capture the lilies in different light situations. Photographing them in open shade gave me the most satisfactory result - I could feel the stillness of the moment. Contrasting this with the experience I had at the Musee de Lorangerie in Paris where his famous Nymphéas are on display, the paintings were alive! I could see MONET in every stroke of those larger than life water lily paintings! It was like experiencing life itself, the days and nights, moments of beauty, anger, passion, sadness, love - you could experience all of it in those beautiful works of art. That's why I said earlier that I met Monet - he truly lives on through his work!!

On this note... 'Do all things with love and passion'. Have a great week and if in Paris, do visit the Musee de Lorangerie and Monet's house in Giverny!